Information for Friends


If you have a question about your Friends membership that is not answered here, please contact us by calling 0131 718 5653 or emailing, Monday to Friday, 10:00–17:00.


How often will you contact me?

We will keep in touch throughout the year with regular updates via email – you can expect to hear from us about six or seven times across the year. We will also post our Limited Edition news update twice a year, as well as the brochure and Advance Booking information in June.


When is the Advance Booking Period?

Advance booking for the Festival is typically two weekends before tickets go on general sale. The dates for 2020 will be announced formally by May 2020.


How do I buy tickets during the Advance Booking Period?

During the Advance Booking Period tickets can be purchased online and over the phone. We will send you instructions about the different ways of booking with the brochure in June.

Online booking
If you wish to book online during the Advance Booking period you need to have a web account for our online booking system that is linked to your Friends membership account in our box office system, in order for our system to recognise your membership and allow you to make a booking during the Advance Booking period.

For this you will need an email address that you have regular access to. If you have never registered for an online account with us, contact 0131 718 5653 or email and someone can guide you through the process and ensure your account is linked correctly.

If you already have a Book Festival web account, you can see if it is linked to your Friends membership by logging in and viewing your ‘My Account’ page which should display your membership details. If you can’t see your membership details in your account please contact 0131 718 5653 or email for assistance.

Once you have created a web account, you can also use this to book tickets online once public booking opens, and to update your personal details throughout the year without needing to contact us.


How many tickets can I book in advance?

Individual Friends can book for up to 10 events during the Advance Booking period and joint Friends can book for up to 20 events. (Max 2 tickets per event in the adult programme and 4 tickets per children’s event.)

It is our policy to ensure that some tickets will always be available for members of the general public when the Box Office opens on the first day of public booking. The number of tickets available to Friends during Advance Booking is therefore limited and all tickets are subject to availability. Although Friends have a considerably greater chance of getting tickets for events in high demand, membership does not guarantee tickets will be available for all events.


When is my Membership renewal due?

A Friends membership lasts for one year from the date of purchase. You will be sent a reminder to renew your annual membership over a month before it is due to expire.

You can also set up an annual direct debit with us so your Friends membership fee will be paid every year without needing to renew each time. If you would like to pay for your future Friends membership renewals by direct debit please contact 0131 718 5653 or email


How can I contact you?

You can contact us from Monday to Friday, 10:00–17:00 by calling 0131 718 5653 or emailing