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Our free media gallery gives you the opportunity to read, listen to, or view a selection of Edinburgh International Book Festival events and related material and gives a good flavour of our August programme.

You’ll find short stories commissioned by the Book Festival, unedited hour-long author events in our audio gallery and selected highlights, event recordings and author interviews in our video gallery. You can also browse photos from past Festivals and find information about some of the authors who have featured over the years.

The latest videos are also available on our edbookfest YouTube channel and you can find our lively podcasts on iTunes.

2016 Edinburgh International Book Festival

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Each year we choose a selection of events which we think give a good overall flavour of the Book Festival's August programme and record them for our website. From poetry to crime writing, fantasy fiction to history, our audio gallery holds a great range of recordings of the full hour-long live events as they happened.

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Alexander Masters (2016 Event)
Alexander Masters (2016 Event)

In 2001, almost 150 tattered notebooks were discovered in a skip in Cambridge. They were a small part of an intimate diary that began in 1952 and ended half a century later. It too…

Shirin Ebadi (2016 Event)
Shirin Ebadi (2016 Event)

The first Muslim woman and first Iranian to win a Nobel Peace Prize, Shirin Ebadi is a leading lawyer and activist who has campaigned fearlessly for freedom of speech and equality …

Charles Fernyhough (2016 Event)
Charles Fernyhough (2016 Event)

Two years ago, authors at the Book Festival took part in a major study into the multiple inner voices that make up human consciousness. Now the leader of that project, psychologist…


Our video gallery features selected higlights recorded live at the Book Festival. From musicians to poets to international literary stars, browse the full list of recordings, sit back, relax and watch something special.

Alan Cumming (2016 Event)
Alan Cumming (2016 Event)

Dividing his time between New York and Hollywood, one of our best-kent Scottish actors has found himself at the centre of an impressive collection of scenes, scrapes and scraps in …

Marina Warner (2016 Event)
Marina Warner (2016 Event)

Marina Warner's defining, shapeshifting presence in British literature finds new form in a book of short stories, Fly Away Home. Currently Professor of English at Birkbeck College,…

Jackie Kay with Nicola Sturgeon (2016 Event)
Jackie Kay with Nicola Sturgeon (2016 Event)

Scotland's Makar, Jackie Kay, has a proud history of writing poetry about believable characters; ordinary people like herself. Her poems are genuine, open and often deeply personal…

New Writing

The things I brought with me when I knew we were leaving home forever
The things I brought with me when I knew we were leaving home forever by Jenny Valentine

My grandmother was the thinnest woman I ever knew. Her ankles stuck like reeds from the dark, weighted pools of her shoes…

After Drink You Can Turn Earth Up Side Down
After Drink You Can Turn Earth Up Side Down by Rodge Glass

In this club in downtown Hong Kong the waitresses never let your glass get below midway before offering you another drink. They all look eighteen or nineteen. They all look good…

Marilyn's Hands
Marilyn's Hands by Gill Arbuthnott

Marilyn lay in some clinic, pierced by tubes, wrapped in sterile air, quiescent. Waiting to pass on her identity. Waiting to pass on her face…