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Our free media gallery gives you the opportunity to read, listen to, or view a selection of Edinburgh International Book Festival events and related material and gives a good flavour of our August programme.

You’ll find short stories commissioned by the Book Festival, unedited hour-long author events in our audio gallery and selected highlights, event recordings and author interviews in our video gallery. You can also browse photos from past Festivals and find information about some of the authors who have featured over the years.

The latest videos are also available on our edbookfest YouTube channel and you can find our lively podcasts on iTunes.

2016 Edinburgh International Book Festival

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Each year we choose a selection of events which we think give a good overall flavour of the Book Festival's August programme and record them for our website. From poetry to crime writing, fantasy fiction to history, our audio gallery holds a great range of recordings of the full hour-long live events as they happened.

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Alexander Masters (2016 Event)
Alexander Masters (2016 Event)

In 2001, almost 150 tattered notebooks were discovered in a skip in Cambridge. They were a small part of an intimate diary that began in 1952 and ended half a century later. It too…

Shirin Ebadi (2016 Event)
Shirin Ebadi (2016 Event)

The first Muslim woman and first Iranian to win a Nobel Peace Prize, Shirin Ebadi is a leading lawyer and activist who has campaigned fearlessly for freedom of speech and equality …

Charles Fernyhough (2016 Event)
Charles Fernyhough (2016 Event)

Two years ago, authors at the Book Festival took part in a major study into the multiple inner voices that make up human consciousness. Now the leader of that project, psychologist…


Our video gallery features selected higlights recorded live at the Book Festival. From musicians to poets to international literary stars, browse the full list of recordings, sit back, relax and watch something special.

Tim Burgess with Ian Rankin (2016 Event)
Tim Burgess with Ian Rankin (2016 Event)

In his memoir Telling Stories, Tim Burgess lifted the lid on life with The Charlatans and their experiences at the heart of the 1990s 'Madchester' scene. In this event, filmed live…

Irvine Welsh (2016 Event)
Irvine Welsh (2016 Event)

With The Blade Artist, Irvine Welsh returns to the vicious Trainspotting character who's emerged as the best reflection of our angry times. Robert Carlyle, who memorably played Beg…

Highlights of the 2016 Edinburgh International Book Festival
Highlights of the 2016 Edinburgh International Book Festival

In August 2016, the Edinburgh International Book Festival welcomed over 800 writers, illustrators, poets, politicians and philosophers from 55 countries to Charlotte Square Gardens…

New Writing

Welcome to Flaxland
Welcome to Flaxland by Andy Stanton

Flaxland! The very name conjures up images of romantic midnight trysts, tiny state-subsidised oranges, and somebody saying ‘Flaxland’…

Apparently by Karen Campbell

You are standing in a garden, crying. This morning you watched your grandmother push scraps from the breakfast plates into a Tupperware bowl…

A Flash of Blue Light
A Flash of Blue Light by Michel Faber

“I was abducted by aliens,” the woman with the foreign accent told the policeman at the desk…